Postmodern Gensokyo

Your name is Hakurei Reimu

You are 14 years old

You are the last living daughter of the Hakurei clan

You are the last living Miko of the Hakurei shrine

Your job is very important, the shrine is the only stable entrance to Gensokyo, land of  illusions.

Being a Miko isn’t considered an important job anymore, and your shrine rarely gets donations.

Most Miko these days are college students working part time in a shrine in the big city, any Yokai they encounter will have been domesticated by hundreds of years of colonialism.

The tourists pay them big bucks to watch them dance and sweep the floor

You don’t get many Tourists in Gensokyo, and even fewer donations.

You don’t even know the name of the Kami your ancestors enshrined here, sometimes that bothers you a bit, but most of the time you have bigger problems.

The Yokai in Gensokyo are wild. Like all faerie tale creatures, they will eat humans alive given the chance.

More important than sweeping the dancing is your job as Yokai Exterminator. Killing monsters to protect humans.

No matter how many Yokai you exterminate however, there never seems to be any less of them.

It’s not like you hate Yokai either, in fact a lot of your friends are Yokai, sometimes you get along better with monsters than people.

Your best friend is probably Marisa Kirisame, She’s not a Yokai, but she is a witch of the western Tradition. Black dress, Pointy hat, Rides a broom, uses Mushrooms.

Your substance of choice is Sake, at 14 you are already a raging alcoholic. Job related stress.

It’s not just Humans and Yokai who live in gensokyo.

Gensokyo is a place where faerie tale creatures from all over the world come to live.

Not just figures from Eastern mythology. Gensokyo has a sizable Faerie population and you’ve even met a Vampire princess who claims to be descended from Dracula himself.

Keeping the peace in Gensokyo difficult. It seems every day there is a new problem for the Miko to solve.

If this was the west, the Red pentagram on your Ofuda Spell Cards would the copper star of a Sharif’s badge. Your Yin Yang orbs would be the balanced scales of judgement.

With all this magic flying around, it’s very easy to disrupt the natural order of things. Sometimes nights last forever, sometimes the seasons get stuck at the gap between winter and spring.

When this happens, Gensokyo relies on you, the Red White Shrine Maiden of Paradise, to fix things.

To be honest, you don’t always understand what’s going on half the time. Usually these problems end up happening for very silly reasons, and you end up solving them by beating people up until things go back to normal.

But it always works out in the end, and you usually make new few friends along the way.

Was the red mist that covered Gensokyo, blotting out the sun, just a way for the vampire princess to come outside and make new friends? Her servants seem to be thankful she’s socializing for the first time in hundreds of years.

If they were really so thankful you’d think they could redirect some of their mistresses fortune into your donation box. Assholes.

You’ve also stopped a ghost princess from stealing all the cherry blossoms, and caught Princess Kaguya herself hiding from Lunarian Emissaries in Gensokyo.

Gensokyo is ancient, but it didn’t always exist.

Yokai and other Monsters used to live all over the world, and humans relied on girls like you to protect them.

Girls like you almost hunted Yokai to extinction.

Eventually a compromise was made. The Yokai sages worked together with your ancestors to create the Hakurei barrier which defines Gensokyo.

Within the barrier, humans and Yokai can co-exist in relative peace. Disputes are solved through spell cards and Danmaku, colorful explosions of light.

The inhuman skill of Yokai give them a natural advantage in such battles, but Humans are allowed to continue fighting as long as they like until they win.

Both sides are convinced this is a fair arrangement, anything that slips through the gaps is your responsibility.

Gensokyo needs somebody like you to maintain the barrier until it’s safe for Humans and Yokai to co-exist in the outside world.

When that happens, you imagine there will be a lot of people, just like you.


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