The Story of something, nothing, and everything else.

Once there was a little girl, or perhaps it was a little boy, who was all alone. Just a single point of light in a vast darkness, or perhaps she was a single dark point against a blinding light? Either way, she was alone and had nobody to talk to, this made her very sad.

“Are you lonely?” asked Nobody, even though the question was obvious.

“Who said that?” Replied the girl, talking to Nobody at all.

“I did.” Nobody answered.

“I don’t see anybody.” The girl complained,

“I am not anybody.” Said Nobody. “I am Nobody, don’t you remember? I’ve known you all your life.”

The longer the girl thought about this, the more it made sense, she hadn’t seen anybody before, but she was clearly talking to Nobody right now. She saw No-reason to Not-trust Nobody.

“I suppose I’m not lonely.” The girl said after spending what might have been an eternity thinking about it. “After all, I have Nobody to talk to.”

Nobody waited for the girl as she thought, and when she was done, Nobody spoke to her again. “Talking to Nobody must be dreadfully boring, don’t you ever want to talk to Something Else? Do you want Anything At All?”

Once again the girl, or maybe she was Somebody Else entirely, thought about this for a very long time. Once again Nobody waited patently for her to decide.

“Is that possible?” The girl finally asked after an eternity of contemplation.

“Oh yes” Said Nobody, “Nobody can give you Anything and Everything. You can borrow it forever, just remember to give it all back when you are done with it.”

“Alright” The girl said in an instant, or perhaps it was another eternity. “I’ll take Everything from you and give it back when I’m done with it.”

“We have a deal.” Said Nobody at all. And with that Nobody gave the girl Everything. Suddenly the girl was rich beyond measure. At first she was worried that she had Nobody to share it with, but then she realized that this was not true at all. Her vast inventory of Everything contained Somebody Else, and he was very happy to see her.

Somebody Else might have been a little boy, or perhaps it was another girl, either way the two of them loved each other very much and enjoyed playing with Everything she possessed. Sometimes they would fight over their toys, but ultimately there was more than enough for the both of them, and they always made up afterwards.

Although they played many games with Everything and each other, one in particular stood out above all the rest. The girl, or perhaps it was the other one, would collect all the things she liked and sort them into piles around herself. Organizing everything like this made her feel safe.

As the girl built this city of things she liked, her friend went to work picking up everything she discarded and began to pile them on top of each other. He preferred to sort things by size rather than type, and soon his tower rose high above the girl’s city.

The two of them looked up at the tower in awe, and decided that it would be fun to see just how tall they could make it. The girl began to disassemble her piles, and the other climbed to the top of the tower, taking each piece with him.

As they did this, the tower rose higher and higher, until the only thing that was not part of the tower was the girl herself. From the top of the tower one of them called out to the other, urging them to climb up with them. Eager to see this for themselves, they began to climb as well.

Once they were both at the top however, the tower began to shake. It had gotten too tall and could no longer support the weight of both of them. The tower came crashing down and Everything was scattered across the floor.

The Favorite things the girl had collected were now out of order, and the tower her friend had built was now shorter than it had ever been. Both children thought that that it was unfair that something they had spent so long to create had been destroyed so quickly, but they soon realized that they had Nobody to blame. Soon, or perhaps it took forever, the children began to pick up their toys and resume their games.
This is not the end of the story, but it is the end of the part of the story I can tell you. Nobody first told me the beginning of this story, but I do not know how it ends. If you ever happen to Meet Nobody, or the two children playing with Everything, please ask them what they did afterwards, and tell me. I would very much love to know weather or not Everything returns.


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