Building weapons and armor in FATE

While gear can be easily represented by aspects in FATE Core, many players might find more detail to make things more interesting. Presented is a system to create weapons using build points. It uses Diaspora’s tech level system but this is not necessary for fantasy or modern gear.

Build points

All weapons are built with build points. Armor is built with 2 points, Archaic weapons (All melee weapons and ranged weapons below T-2) are built with 3 build points, modern firearms (T-2 to T0 in Diaspora terms) are built with four build points. Futuristic armor and ranged weapons get +1 bp per tech level above T0, and Futuristic melee weapons get +1 bp for every two tech levels above zero.
Each build point is worth one weapon or armor rating. Build points may also be spent on stunts. Firearms may chose short or medium range for free, but long range costs a stunt. Archaic weapons weapons are close range for free, but may gain short or medium range as a stunt.

Firearm stunts

  • Concealable: This weapon is small enough to hide under regular clothes. A character may hide it using their shooting skill rather than stealth.
  • Civilian: This weapon is regulated less aggressively by modern governments. It may be purchased by private citizens without causing trouble with the authorities as long as they are used for lawful purposes.
  • One handed: This weapon is one handed. The user may use his off hand for various tasks, or dual wield if he has an appropriate stunt.
  • Long range: This weapon is accurate at long range.
  • Full auto (2bp): This weapon is capable of fully automatic fire, as detailed in the previous blog post.
  • Heavy (-2bp): This weapon must be set up on a bipod before it is fired. It’s user may not make a move action and use it at the same time.
  • Mounted (-3bp): This weapon must be fired from a tripod or mounted on a vehicle. It exists as a zone aspect and may not be moved by individual characters during combat. Not compatible with heavy.

Archaic weapons stunts

  • One handed: This weapon is one handed. The user may use his off hand for various tasks, or dual wield if he has an appropriate stunt.
  • Concealable: This weapon is small enough to hide under regular clothes. It gets +2 to any attempts to conceal it.
  • Range: This weapon is accurate at short or medium range.
  • Reload: (-1bp) This weapon may only be fired every other turn. A reload action must be made before it fires again.
  • One shot: (-2bp) This weapon may be fired once for free. Any additional uses require a fate point, and represent the character having spares.

Armor stunts

  • Flexible: By default, wearing armor caps your athletics and stealth skills at 2. Taking this stunt raises that cap to 3. Buying it twice removes it entirely.
  • Formal: This outfit is designed for looks rather than practicality. Wearing it might be a requirement in some social circles.
  • Shield: (-1) This armor includes a shield and may thus only be used with one handed weapons.
  • Environmental protection: (T-2 or higher) This suit provides protection against a specific environmental danger (underwater, Radioactive, toxic atmosphere, ect) It is not enough to serve as a space suit, but when combined with Vac-suit, it represents a more advanced model that can withstand even the harshest environments such as radiation or corrosive atmospheres.)
  • Vac-suit: (2 bp at T-1 and 1bp at T0 and above) This suit is fully sealed against vacuum and has it’s own breathing supply. It is enough to survive in space but will not protect against radiation or other hostile environments by itself.
  • EVA Thrusters: (Requires vac-suit) This suit has a system of cold gas jets, granting a +2 to all EVA rolls.
  • Optic camo: (Requires flexible and T1) This suit grants +2 to all stealth rolls involving visual detection.
  • Sensor Suite: (Requires T1) This suit grants +2 to all notice rolls.
  • Powered: (Special) This suit has it’s own servos and power supply. It requires the tactical neural implant stunt to be used. This stunt grants an extra build point at T1 and another for every tech level after. This is also a pre-requisite for any of the following stunts.
  • Servos: (requires powered) This suit grants a +2 to all physique rolls.
  • Weapon link: (requires powered) This suit allows it’s wearer to firer a heavy weapon without setting it up first, or a mounted weapon as if it were a heavy weapon.
  • Jump jets: (2bp requires powered) This suit grants a +2 to all athletics rolls.
  • Integrated weapon: This suit grants a weapon rating of 1 when the user is empty handed. If the suit is powered, it grants a weapon rating of 2.

Futuristic weapon stunts

  • Armor piercing: This weapon has a mono-molecular cutting blade or fires high velocity ammo. This stunt halves the target’s effective armor rating (round up). Purchased twice it ignores armor entirely.
  • Low recoil: This weapon has a recoil compensation mechanism, or is a directed energy weapon. It does not suffer any penalties in zero gravity.
  • Smart weapon: (2bp) This weapon suffers no range penalties below it’s specified range. It may not fire above it’s specified range.
  • Extreme range: (2bp) This weapon has an effective range of extreme. If combined with smart weapon, the weapon receives no range penalties.

Weapon aspects

In addition to the stunts, each weapon has one or two aspects representing any quirks or special tactical attachments. Players should feel free to customize these to their liking.


Archaic weapons
Knife: WR1, Close range, one handed, concealable Pointy
Thrown weapon: WR1, Medium range, one handed, concealable, one shot Impressive
Short sword: WR2, Close range, one handed Heroic
Long sword: WR3, Close range Heroic
Polearm: WR2, Short range “Guisarme”
Bow: WR2, Medium range Broad-head arrows
Crossbow: WR3, Medium range, Reload Dishonorable
Hand cannon: WR2, Short range, One shot, one handed BOOM
Musket: WR3, Short range, Reload Keep the powder dry
Armor/Diaspora spacesuits
Kevlar vest: AR1, Flexible “SECURITY”
Plate carrier: AR2 Battle rattle
Archaic armor: AR3, Shield Heavy
Chemical warfare gear: AR1, Environmental protection Hot
Primitive spacesuit: Vac suit Clumsy
T0 Skinsuit: Vac suit, Flexible Skintight
T1 Armorgell: AR2 Flexible Non-Newtonian
T2 Powered armor: AR2, Powered, Environmental protection, servos, Sensor-Suite, Weapon link Supersoldier
T3 Espatier armor AR3, Powered, Vac-Suit, Environmental protection, Flexible, EVA Thrusters, Sensor suite Space marine
T4 Gellsuit: AR2, Powered, Vac suit, Environmental protection, Flexible, Optical camo, Sensor suite, Servos, Jump Jets Symbiotic lifeform
Modern firearms
Light Pistol: WR1, Short range, one handed, concealable, Civilian Shoulder holster
Magnum Pistol: WR2, Short range, one handed, Civilian Feeling lucky punk?
Shotgun: WR3, Medium range, Civilian Pump action
Sawed off shotgun: WR3, Short range, concealable Double barrel
Assault rifle: WR2, Medium range, Full auto Folding stock
Sniper/Hunting rifle: WR2, Long range, Civilian Scope
Anti-material rifle: WR4, Long range, Heavy Bipod
SMG: WR1, Short range, Full auto, concealable Silencer
LMG: WR3, Medium range, Full auto, Heavy Bipod
HMG: WR4, Long range, Full auto, Mounted Armored shield
Futuristic firearms
T1 Fletcher: WR1, Short range, one handed, concealable, Full auto, Armor piercing Thwap thap thwap
T1 Anti-Cyborg Pistol: WR2, Short range, one handed, Armor piercing Boomer buster
T2 Gyrojet rifle: WR2, Long range, Full auto, low recoil Space gun
T2 smart rifle: WR2, full auto, smartgun Neuro-link
T3 laser carbine: WR2, Long range, Full auto, Smartgun Directed energy
T3 laser Rifle: WR2, Smartgun, Extreme range Limited by the horizon
T4 Anti-mater rifle: WR4, Extreme range, Smart weapon, Heavy, Armor piercing x2 Not a typo
Futuristic melee weapons
T2 Mono knife: WR1, Close range, One handed, concealable, Armor Piercing VERY sharp
T2 Vibroblade: WR3, Close range, One handed, Armor Piercing Noisy
T4 Lightsaber: WR4, Close range, One handed, Armor piercing x2 Force field

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