Characters from A typical space trip

These are stats for some of the NPCs seen in the previous post. In order of appearance.

Terminal Services

Terminal services is a company that is sub-contracted to provide star-port security and general operations on low tech worlds which might not have the proper infrastructure in place. Their personnel are rarely popular with the locals.

Terminal Services Stunts Aspects Gear
+2 Bureaucracy Attended the briefing: Swap bureaucracy for culture tech. Get back in line SMG
+1 Slug thrower , Brawling Doesn’t speak the language Handheld scanner
Wealth : [][][] Stamina : [][][] Composure : [][][]

The Fugitive

This man is a dissident trying to flee his planet with forged paperwork.

Fugitive Stunts Aspects Gear
+3 Oratory Dramatic: Swap Oratory for brawling Impatient The clothes on his back
+2 Stealth , Demolitions Suspicious Forged documents
+1 Stamina, Assets , Resolve Lots of Cash
Wealth : [][][][] Health : [][][][] Composure : [][][][]

Spacer Kid

This kid was born in space. they are 2 meters tall and have very brittle bones. As a special rule, their use of the Micro-G skill is reversed. They suffer no penalty in micro-g, but when moving on a planet with normal gravity, they have all physical rolls capped by the normal-g skill. As This stunt is zero sum, it is free and does not take up the usual slots or refresh.

Spacer Kid Stunts Aspects Gear
+3 EVA No penalty for Micro-G At home in space T1 Vac-suit
+2 Navigation , Engineering Don’t walk fly Wheelchair
+1 Piloting, Culture-tech, Normal-g Stuffed alien
Wealth : [][][] Health : [][][] Composure : [][][]

Cyborg Businesswoman

This woman is from a more advanced planet and has neural implants allowing her to interface with computer networks. She travels across the cluster on business trips.

Cyborg Businesswoman Stunts Aspects Gear
+3 Profession: Consultant Have a thing: Neural Implants Talking to herself Neural implants
+2 Computer , Communications I travel a lot Business dress with built in vac-suit
+1 Assets, Brokerage, Bureaucracy
Wealth : [][][][] Stamina : [][][] Composure : [][][]

The Stewardess

The stewardess is form a planet you haven’t heard of on the other side of the cluster.

The Stewardess Stunts Aspects Gear
+3 Micro-g Spacer Judo: Swap Micro-g for brawling Please return to your seat sir T2 Vac suit
+2 Culture-tech , Charm Hasn’t been home in years Weird headdress
+1 Resolve, EVA , Medical Drinks
Wealth : [][][] Stamina : [][][] Composure : [][][][]

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