‘Can you hear me’

Greetings, I’m the anthropomorphic representation of the Union Gunship Can you hear me feel free to call me Cany-tan. Please be advised the laser illumination you are currently experiencing is for navigational assistance and should not be construed as a threat.

The UGS Can you hear me began it’s service at the end of the bug wars. Neither faction had expected hostilities to cease so quickly, and the ship only learned of the ceasefire as it was slipjumping into what had been a combat zone less than a megasecond ago. Caught on the wrong side of a postwar arms reduction treaty, Can you hear me was given a choice to be mothballed until some future conflict where it would be hopelessly obsolete, or be re-purposed for peacetime duty. Not wanting to throw it’s life away, Can you hear me chose the latter and was refitted as a diplomacy class patrol gunship.

Diplomacy Class patrol gunship T2 17bp Stunts Aspects
V-Shift : 2 Civilian Diplomatic Gunship
Beam : 2 Slipstream Hardware limiters
EW : 3 Vector randomizer Multispec laser array
Hull : [ ][ ] Overwatch Military grade coms suite
Data : [ ][ ][ ] [ ] Ultralight hull
Heat : [ ][ ][ ] [ ] Completely unmanned

Can you hear me‘s avatar takes the form of a cartoon of a young woman named Cany-tan (it claims the tan is an honorific in some dead language) In her new role she travels the cluster relaying messages and representing the Union. Her electronic warfare suite has been reconfigured from code breaking to linguistic analysis. Cany claims that violence is just the most primitive form of communication and that she has always been preforming the same task of facilitating communications between the union and other cultures, but most who know her claim this is definitely not true. Can you hear me has been in service for nearly 12 years now, and seems to be patently waiting for a chance to speak her native tongue in the dialect of laser pulses.

Cany-tan Stunts Aspects
Charm 3 Enhanced Languages Violence is my first language
Languages 2 Military Grade Communications I represent the Union of space-faring inteligences
Culture tech 2 Have a thing (self) Phase 3 incomplete
Engineering 1 Phase 4 incomplete
Computers 1 Phase 5 incomplete
Navigation 1

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